Filter Part

H-60 / S-70 Engine Inlet Barrier Filter

Aerometals P/N:1060K1-3


Aircraft Model: LMCO (Sikorsky) H-60 / S-70 Variants
Aerometals Flight Test:

Product Overview

Utilizing the S-92 IBF design as a baseline, Aerometals has created an IBF variant for the H-60 / S-70 Aircraft. Incorporating all the lessons learned from the legacy H-60 IBF design, along with years of design iterations and testing from the S-92 design, this next generation IBF is the most efficient product on the market today.

IBF System Comparison

Legacy System Attributes

Legacy System Attributes
  • Metallic Construction
  • Large OML Excursion
  • Pitot Tube Interference

Next Generation System Attributes

Next Generation System Attributes
  • Composite Kevlar Construction
  • Negligible OML Excursion
  • No Pitot Tube Interference

Design Improvements

  • 50 lbs. less weight (22.7 kg)
  • Negligible impact to ram air cooling & drag
  • No airspeed correction charts